What’s happening
at Al-Hikam Instiute?


Open to everyone irrespective of faith, age or gender.

YouthWay’s first community project hit the ground running. We’re talking, Al-Hikam Institute.

Based in Bradford, Al-Hikam is an educational foundation, a local youth centre and mosque. The atmosphere here is something you have to see to believe. It’s young, it’s fun, it’s full of energy and camaraderie. (Hey, they’ve even got a pool table!) And its doors are open to everyone irrespective of faith, age or gender.

12241328_868583676571437_6620816648933982250_nLaunched earlier in this year, they’ve already got over 220 students studying here. The part-time evening classes are aimed at students from age 5 to 16. Lessons are in basic Quran and Islamic Studies –which covers Fiqh; Qaida; Islamic History; and Arabic language. The classes offer children and young people in full-time education the chance to learn more about their faith.

For students over 16, who have decided to pursue a more specialized education in Islamic Studies, Al-Hikam runs full-time Dars e Nizami. This is an 8-year Ā’lim (Islamic Scholar) course with a view to training young people to…well become Ā’lims.

10426848_867161660046972_3638771695072664655_nWith the courses aside, Al-Hikam also offers a weekly dose of Sufi high, with its Dhikr circles every Tuesday evening. On Fridays they do the Friday Juma prayer, and most refreshing of all, is that the Friday sermon is in English so EVERYONE can understand.

If you can’t enrol on a course at the moment, and you’re not sure yet if Dhikr is for you, come any way. Al-Hikam also serves as a recreational centre with the aforementioned pool table and other recreational activities galore. Basically it’s a cool, friendly, relaxed place for young people to hang out at. Soon they’re going to be launching the YouthWay/Al-Hikam youth club for boys and girls. Watch this space….

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