All Muslims are familiar with Abu Lahab -the uncle of Prophet Muhammad (pbhu). He is a man cursed by name in the Holy Qur’an for tormenting the Prophet of Allah. Yet, we are told that even Abu Lahab’s punishment is reduced every Monday, because that was the day he expressed happiness upon hearing of his nephew’s birth, by freeing his slave Thuwayba, who had delivered the good news. In that vein, what do you think will be the reward for those who believe in the Prophet Muhammad (pbhu) and express happiness at the time of his blessed birth?

We have sent you, [O Muhammad] as a mercy to the worlds. (21: 107)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is referred to in the Holy Qur’an as a mercy to all the worlds. As Muslims, we believe that the Prophet is a gift and the greatest bounty and blessing that Allah has sent to mankind. In that vein, there is no better time to rejoice in gratitude for his creation, than the day that he was born.

‘None of you truly believe until I am more beloved to him than his parents and his children and the rest of creation.’ -Prophet Muhammad (pbhu)

In commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) birthday, YouthWay has organized a series of events during this special time. On the 19th of December, Madina Masjid in Blackburn hosted ‘What is the Biggest Blessing.’ Over 400 people gathered for an evening of rejuvenating remembrance with Imam Asim, in the run up to the week of the Mawlid. If you missed it, you can watch the talk here:

On the 4th of January we’ll be gathering again at Al-Hikam Institute in Bradford with ‘Loving the Beloved.’ Join us for an inspiring event in honor of the Prophet’s Mawlid, with talks by Imam Muhammed Asim Hussain and Imam Adil Shahzad. The evening will be rounded off with nasheeds by Ismail Hussain and international Naat reciter, Muhammed Uwais al Qadri.

Find out More about the event ‘Loving the Beloved.

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